The enterpreneur and founder of Gavar state university is the Doctor of philosophy, professor Hrant Khachatur Hakobyan.: In 1991-1992 years under social and economical difficult conditions many graduates of comprehensive schools practically didn't have the opportunity to continue their education in the capital. Therefore, studying in details the number of annual graduates and the persons having academic degrees, as well as the demand of specilaists, taking the oppotunity offered by the independence of the RA, H. Kh. Hakobyan applied to the ministry of education and science with a proposal of beginning a university in Gavar. Thanks to the persistant efforts of the deputy of the Supreme Council in the RA Hranush Hrant Hakobyan a regional state university was founded in Gavar (formerly Kamo) according to governmental decision N 208 of the RA, in May 5; 1993.