The undertaker and founder of Gavar State University is doctor, professor of philosophical sciences Hrant Khachatur Hakobyan / born in village Sarukhan, region Nor Bayazet/. In the difficult social- economical conditions many graduates of the Secondary schools, in fact, were not able to continue their studies in the capital. Thus, studying each year graduates and people’s number having scientific degree in details, as well as the demand of specialists, using the opportunities enabled by RA , H. Kh. Hakobyan applied to  RA Minister of Education and Science V. Ts. Gnuni to open a University in Gavar.
As it was impossible to open a state university at once, a preparatory department was opened in 1992- 1993,in Gavar  with 7  specializations- Armenian Language and Literature, History, Jurisprudence, Economy, Accounts department, The  Technology of Machinery-Structure, Electrotechnics. in the preparatory department mainly taught doctors and candidates of sciences, as well as skilled teachers from secondary schools. Along with the preparatory studies a group of 34 post-graduates, who had higher education, was formed from our lecturers, 10 of which later defended a thesis successfully.
On May 5, 1993 by the RA Government’s decision number 208 a Regional State University was established in Gavar due to the persistent efforts of Hranush Hakobyan- Deputy of the RA Supreme Council and the support of Minister V. Ts. Gnuni; and entrance examinations were organized in these specialties:   

  1. Armenian language and literature-25 places
  2. Economy -25 places
  3. Accounts department-25 places
  4. Machinary-structure-25 places
  5. Electrotechnics-25 places
  6. Agronomics-25 places

In the academic year of 1993- 1994,  94 of 139 graduates entered the University. 28 lecturers were included in the staff- 8 doctor-professors, 9 candidates of sciences, 3 post-graduates and only 8 of them didn’t have scientific degree. Later  the number of specialties was enlarged/ English language, Jurisprudence, history, Pedagogy of Elementary Education, Geography, ecology Russian language and Literature/ philology/, Computer and combined network/.
Gavar  State University began its activities in the building especially meant for the former “Dipol”  industrial -technical union’s constructional bureau / according to  tenancy agreement ,1993-1994/.In 1996 that building was bought by auction and became the university’s property. After the liquidation of  MPTU   by the decision of RA government 2 more sections were given to the university. Since 2000 GSU students make use of army postponement right. To organize the studies at the University perfectly 120 specialists of the best ones were invited whose transportation, the place of staying at night and their living is solved by the GSU authorities.
The GSU sections were heated due to RA National Assembly’s deputy Hranush Hakobyan’s undertaking and with the help of benefactor Armenians living in Armenia in the academic year of 2000-2001.
Since 2001 correspondence course was opened in the university with the following spatialities:

    1. Armenian Language and Literature
    2. History
    3. Geography
    4. Russian Language and Literature
    5. Pedagogy and teaching methods of elementary education