GSU philology faculty that provides full-time education was formed on September 2004, separated from faculty of Humanities. It includes the following departments:

Armenian Language and Literature
Philology (Russian language and literature)
English language

Today the faculty has 370 students. The faculty had 58 graduates in 2004-2005 ac. yr , 18 of them had got diplomas with highest marks. The faculty has 4 chairs:

    1. Armenian language /the head of the chair R. Dalakyan, candidate of pedagogical sciences, GSU professor, the          member of international academy of pedagogical sciences in RF/
    2. World literature /the head of the chair -V. Grigoryan, doctor of philological sciences, professor/
    3. Foreign languages / the head of the chair -M. Tenekejyan, GSU professor/
    4. Russian language and literature / the head of the chair- E. Grigoryan, candidate of philological sciences, GSU professor /:


The naturalistic faculty has formed in 1994 with six specialties: Armenian language and literature Finances  and credit, Accounting and Audit, Electromechanics, Machine-building technology, Agronomy. In 1994 the faculty had 94 students. In the following years from 1997 to 1998 in the result of the increase of the students’ number the faculty of humanities separated from the Naturalistic faculty, and in the year of 2000 the  faculty of Economy separated with the following specialties: Accounting and Audit. Finance and credit. The naturalistic faculty removed to a new building with four specialties: Agronomy, Electrotechnics, Geography  and Ecology. In 1999-2000 specialties Agronomy and Electromechanics  were substituted by Biology and Accounting mechanics Computer and Nets.400 students study in the naturalistic faculty.

There are five chairs in the faculty:

 1. The chair of Natural sciences/A. Simonyan head of chair a doctor of biological sciences, professor/
    2. The chair of Chemistry /F.Avetisyan a candidate of chemical sciences, professor/
    3. The chair of physical-mathematical sciences/R. Harutjanyan, a candidate of physical-mathematical          sciences, assistant professor /
    4. The chair of geography /H. Khachateryan-a candidate of geographical sciences, assistant professor/
    5. The chair of technical subjects /R.Avetisyan a candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor/



The faculty of humanities was founded on September 2004 separated from philological faculty. It includes the following departments:

  • Science of law
  • History
  • Pedagogy of elementary education  and methods

The total number of students  is 335.
The teaching for three professions is organized  by  five year educational system in 4th and 5th courses  as well as by two-stage system - baccalaureate and the magistrates  in 1st to 3rd courses.
The faculty has three chairs:

The Science of law/ the head of the chair is K. Minasyan, candidate of science of law, professor/
History/ the head of the chair is H. Harutiunyan, candidate of historical sciences assistant professor/
Social sciences/ the head of the chair is L. Kurkchyan, candidate of psychology, assistant professor/


The faculty of Economy was founded in 2002, February It includes 3 departments

Finance and Credit
Accountancy and Audit
Business management

364 students study in this faculty

This faculty has 3 chairs

1. Finance and Credit/chairman G.Garakyan candidate of economic sciences
2. Accounting and Audit/chairman, H.Ghuloyan/ candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor
   3. Business management/chairman, H. Zakoyan/candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor


It was formed in 2000 There  are  5 sections in the faculty:

  • Armenian language and literature
  • Russian language and literature
  • Pedagogy of elementary education and methods
  • History
  • Geography

The teaching goes  with six year program  937 students study in this faculty:
The part time education faculty always maintains relations with the chairs of Armenian language, common literature, Russian language and literature, foreign languages, social sciences, history, geography, physics and mathematics with the purpose of organizing the teaching process.

In 2006 for the first time the  students graduated from this faculty  in the following professions

  • Armenian language and literature-24 students
  • History -24 students
  • Geography-15 students

The faculty of part time education is managed according to RA legislation and GSU regulations. The leading body of the faculty is the faculty council. It includes the dean as a president, the chief of the chairs who work in the faculty, lecturers and students. The council discusses and solves organizing, teaching methodical scientific research problems for the faculty. A clerk and a clerk-operator work in the faculty for organizing teaching process.