Ruzanna Hakobyan



Doctor of Law, Associate Professor


    Biographical details:

Date of Birth: June 1, 1972, Kamo (now Gavar), in the family of a public servant.


  • In 1979-1989 she studied at the secondary school No. 1 after Hovhannes Sarukhanyan in Gavar, in a class with a mathematical orientation.

She graduated from the school with a gold medal.

  • In 1989-1993 she studied at the full-time Faculty of Law of Yerevan State University.

She completed the five-year academic program of a certified specialist in four years, passing the fourth year exams externally, moving from the third to the fifth year.

She graduated from the university with a diploma of excellence.

  • In 1993-1996 she studied at the full-time Postgraduate Department of Yerevan State University, majoring in "Criminal Law and Criminology, Penitentiary Law".
  • In 2005-2008 she was a doctoral student at the RA Academy of Public Administration, majoring in "Public Law (Constitutional, Administrative, Financial, Municipal, Environmental, European Law, Public Administration)".


     Scientific-research activity:

  • In 1999, she defended her PhD thesis on "Criminal and Criminological Issues of Organized Crime" and was awarded the PhD degree of Juridical Sciences (Law).
  • In 2003, she received the academic title of Associate Professor.
  • In 2006, she was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.
  • In 2012, she defended her doctoral thesis at the 001 Professional Council Awarding Legal Degrees of Yerevan State University and was awarded the academic degree of Doctor of Law. The topic of the thesis was "Issues of Constitutional Responsibility in the Republic of Armenia".
  • An author of two monographs, a methodological guide and more than eighty scholarly articles.
  • A co-author of the Russian-Armenian dictionary of legal terms.
  • Member of the author group of comments on the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.
  • A member of the editorial boards of the scientific periodical "Collection of Scholarly Articles of Gavar State University", scientific journal the "Justice" and scientific periodical the "Scientific Artsakh".
  • Member of the 001 Professional Council of the RA Higher Qualification Committee awarding legal scientific degrees at Yerevan State University.


    Work activity:

  • From 1995 to present - a lecturer at the Department of Law, Faculty of Humanities of Gavar State University,
  • In 2002 - Head of the Scientific Research Department of the RA Academy of Public Administration, Associate Professor of the Chair of "Law and Legislative Process ",
  • 2002-2005 - Chief Specialist of the State and Legal Board of the Office of the President of the Republic of Armenia,
  • 2003-2006 - Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University,
  • 2006-2017 - Rector of "Gavar State University" State Non-Commercial Organization,
  • 2017-2022 Rector of "Gavar State University" Foundation,
  • Since March 2022 - the acting rector of GSU.


   Participation in international conferences, trainings and workshops:  

  • In 2005, International conference organized by the Faculty of Law, Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia,
  • In 2006, International Conference on "Issues of Andragogy - Adult Education" in Berlin, Germany,
  • In 2009, Training on the specifics of legal clinical education at Hastings High School of Law and the University of Berkeley, San Francisco, California, USA,
  • In 2009, Workshop on Fighting Corruption in the Higher Education System in Skopje, Macedonia,
  • In 2012, Conference on "Initiating Change and Governance in Higher Education" in Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • In 2012, Training on "Promoting Sustainability and Autonomy in Higher Education" at the European University Association in Brussels, Belgium,
  • In 2014, Workshop on Employers' Cooperation, Connection between Higher Professional Education System and Labor Market at the University of Bologna, Italy,
  • In 2015, Workshop on Lifelong Learning Issues at the Linnaeus University in Vaxjo, Sweden,
  • In 2016, International conference on the internationalization of universities at Rohampton University in London, Great Britain,
  • In 2017, Workshop on European, national and sectorial qualifications at the University of Ghent, Belgium,
  • In 2018, Workshop on Professional Academic Programs in Natural Science at the University of Dresden, Germany,
  • In 2021, Workshop on "SMART" educational technologies and entrepreneurial education at Varna University of Management, Bulgaria,
  • Other conferences, workshops and training courses in the Republic of Armenia and abroad.



  • Encouragement award by the President of the Republic of Armenia,
  • Diploma by the RA Ministry of Education and Science,
  • Diploma of the Second Army Corps of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia,
  • Jubilee Gold Medal after M. Lomonosov State University in Moscow,
  • Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Fridtjof Nansen Gold Medal,
  • Gold medal after Khachatur Abovyan,
  • Medal after Angel Kanch University of Ruse, Republic of Bulgaria,
  • Medal after the Cappadocia University of Athens, Greece,
  • Since 2017 - Honorary Citizen of Gavar.


   Social activities:

  • Member of the International Union of Armenian Women,
  • In 2021, Chairperson, now Vice-Chairperson of the Council of Rectors of State Universities of the Republic of Armenia.

Without party membership

Married, two children and two grandchildren.