We are inviting university professors, post-graduate students and people engaged in scientific research activities to participate in the 27th scientific conference of Gavar State University.

The conference will be held on May 4, 2024 (starting at 11:00 a.m.) in an offline-online format.

In order to be published in the scientific periodical of GSU, it is necessary to submit the reports in an electronic version by April 25, 2024, observing the content and technical requirements.

The working languages of the conference are Armenian, Russian and English.

The conference will be held according to the following fields of science:

  1. Physico-mathematical sciences
  2. Chemical sciences
  3. Biological sciences
  4. Technical sciences
  5. Ecological sciences
  6. Agricultural sciences
  7. Historical sciences
  8. Economic sciences
  9. Philosophical sciences
  10. Philological sciences
  11. Legal sciences
  12. Pedagogical sciences
  13. Psychological sciences
  14. Sociological and political sciences
  15. Geography, geology and geo-environmental protection.


In the Department of Philological Sciences, among other reports, the works carried out within the framework of the research project under the code 21T-6B038 “‘The Daredevils of Sassoun’ epic poem and the European epic tradition”, funded by the state budget of the Republic of Armenia, will be presented.

To participate, it is necessary to fill out an electronic application by April 25, 2024 using the following link:


The reports should be sent to the GSU e-mail addresses:

info@gsu.am, infogsu@mail.ru

The accepted reports will be presented during the conference and will be published as an article in the scientific periodical of GSU.

We hereby inform that the collection of scientific articles of Gavar State University is included in the list of scientific periodicals of the Republic of Armenia acceptable for publishing the main results and provisions of dissertations. Below we present the requirements for reports (articles):

  1. The scientific report should be between 5 and 10 pages, in Armenian, Russian or English, computer typed, on B 5 size printing paper, “GHEA Grapalat” font, 1.12 line spacing, 18 mm margins on all sides of the paper, pagination: at the bottom of the page (footer), orientation: center, margins: 1cm.

At the top, indicate the title in 10.5 pt font size (in capital letters, bold), one line below the title in the right corner in 10.5 pt font size, indicate the universal decimal classification code of the article (ТДД, UDC, УДК, see the link: http:// www.udcsummary.info/php/index.php?tag=1&lang=hy), then author(s) last name, first name (bold), academic degree and title (start with a capital letter, on a new line), held position (start on a new line), the e-mail address of the author shall be given one line below, the summary of the report (аннотация, abstract) shall be presented in 10.5 pt font size, italic and bold in the original language, where the subject of the study, methods, the main conclusions of the author(s), proposals containing scientific novelty should be briefly presented. The English abstract, between 150 and 250 words, is mandatory in case the material is not in English.

  1. Leaving one line blank, it is necessary to write “Keywords” (bold) and indicate the key words.
  2. Skipping two lines, write the work in 10.5 pt font size. Citations must be made in the form of a computer reference, with sequential numbering for reporting (from 1 to the last reference). The article should be followed by a List of References. On the last page of the article, the author should write: “The content of the article has not been published before”, followed by the author’s signature (signatures of all co-authors) and the day, month, year of submission to the editorial board.
  3. The submitted reports must have a clear logical structure:
  4. a) an introduction in which the relevance of the subject of study is substantiated, the main purpose of the research, theoretical and practical foundations and the proposed hypothesis are presented,
  5. b) the main part, in which previous scientific publications on the topic of research, modern approaches, the study done by the author(s) and their views are analyzed,
  6. c) a concluding part, which contains the results of the research: conclusions, recommendations of theoretical and practical importance, the solution of a problem containing scientific novelty, the confirmed hypothesis and predictions.
  7. At the end of the report, in 10.5 pt font size, it is necessary to write the title of the article, the surname of the author(s), first name, scientific degree and title, the position held, the e-mail address of the author(s), summary (150-250 words), and keywords in two languages other than the language of the article.
  8. Latin and Greek letters, symbols, as well as formulas must be compiled with the “Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0” program, explanations to the pictures and tables must be presented in the form of an image with a font size of 10.5 pt.
  9. It is necessary to submit an opinion about the presented scientific report or the recommendation by the relevant department or scientific organization.

Submissions that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted. The authors/co-authors, who are not employees of Gavar State University, shall pay AMD 2,000 (two thousand) per page for the publication of the report, and another AMD 3,000 (three thousand) AMD to receive the printed sample of “The Collection of Scientific Articles”, making the transfer from any bank to the account number of “VTB Armenia” Bank CJSC Kamo m/j 16021100146800. The transfer should be made only after the acceptance of the article by the editorial board of the GSU scientific periodical has been confirmed, within five days.

In case of questions, please call the following numbers:

(0-60) 46-03-02, (0-60) 46-04-03,  (0-60) 46-12-42, (0-60) 46-12-43։


Form of application for participation /required for completion/

Last Name First Name  
Academic degree  
Aacdemic title  
Place of work  
The title of the article  
The professional department where participation is planned  
E-mail address  
Phone number  

                                                Thank you.

Organizing committee of the GSU scientific conference

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